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Default Re: [Only Euro] Your views on Povietkin vs Huck

Originally Posted by Zmora View Post
First of all, this thread is only for posters from Europe. No guys from general boxing forum. If they'll post here some offensive sh*t, or do their regular trolling I swear, I'll report that to mods so many times, that they'd have to do something


I think Povietkin disappointed us. As he does all the time. Maybe he has a potential, but I don't think he will ever live up to it. He's probably past his prime right now.

Still, he was clearly better. I just rewatched this fight and, although, Huck made an good visual impression, Sasha was the one who landed more often.

If you count out all of those punches to the back of the head thrown by Huck and those thrown after stop command, then you'll see what I mean. And judges don't count those shots either.

I don't think Sasha was seriously hurt during that fight. Of course, after all those dirty shots it was easier for Huck to rock him. But what also did job there was Povietkins conditioning, which was terrible. Alex was so tired during that fight that he couldn't execute his game plan.

He didn't probably do that because of one more thing. We could clearly see that Huck's fauls irritated Povietkin. He got emotional and turned this fight into a brawl instead od outboxin his opponent, what he did perfectly in first 4 rounds.

But, as I don't like Huck as a fighter, I have to give him props for leaving 100% in the ring. I was surprised that he could hang out in there with Povietkin and bother him a lot. Still he needs to quit fauling. In his every single fight he does something that makes you wonder 'Where the hell is judge?"

Your opinnions?

Good ****ysis, I had povetkin 2 rounds up and thought i was being generous to huck, that having said, Povetkin had aweful conditioning and clearly wasnt fit. But he won the fight hands down. Huck was brave and all but had no jab, no timing, no accuracy (partly due to Povetkin ducking his head low as soon as Hiuck tried to advance). Huck s not a heavyweight fighter, he sure could land some wins against bum oppositioin but not against top tier fighters.
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