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Default Re: The Adverts on FX Discussion thread, may contain some MMA

I only saw the main event, but really enjoyed that fight.

One thing that struck me was that the crowd seemed quite educated. In the first (or second?) round there was a lot of Alves dry-humping Kampmann on the mat, but there was no booing because both guys were working for position. At one stage Alves moved from top position into full mount, and immediately there was a BIG cheer from the crowd. They knew that was significant.

But yeah, great comeback win. Kampmann was losing the fight but he was competitive and trying to win the whole time. One of those fights that neither guy really loses. It was clear that Alves had the better of him until making one mistake by shooting instead of trusting his hands, but Kampmann showed a lot of heart and a cool head under pressure.

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