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Default Re: Lennox Lewis Was Afraid Of Mike Tyson

Originally Posted by Hydraulix View Post
Before you guys laugh me out of the forum (again) allow me to state my case.

For starters, look how freaked he looked at the press conference after Tyson bit his leg. GIFSoup

Watch this interview that took place before the fight. The confidence of Lewis may have been genuine, but he comes across like "I'm really freaked but I'm playing it cool." When Jim Lampley said that Tyson wanted to break Lewis' ribs and smash his skull, Lewis smiled an awkward smile. I think he was a little worried. I can't blame him if he was, but I think there was a little fear before the fight.

So before you stone me and my beautiful ass, I just want to say that of course Lewis wasn't terrified of Tyson but I think he was secretly a little freaked.
I would never....never stone your beautiful ass,Hydraulix But I have to disagree here. If anything,Tyson was scared of Lewis,and not the other way round. Tyson was acting hysterically which indicated that deep down he KNEW that he would never have beaten Lennox at that stage of their careers.
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