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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

Originally Posted by brown bomber View Post
Philly Shell Q's

This is a tremendous breaksown and I love the roman guard ****ogy. My question is this- how do you deal with looping shots from the mayweather/toney/hopkins defence.... I can box a littloe out of this guard and my natural instinct is to roll .... what stops a persistant attacker?
The idea with the Philly shell is to not only defend and give yourself a good defensive posture and base, but to also make it more easier and fluid to counter back. When it's done right that's what sets it apart. Your basically trying to keep your hands free from being too busy blocking punches and so keeps you quickier in theory to counter faster. The good thing about it is that you don't need great reflexes to make it work if you master it properly. The downside is you can get yourself knocked out if you don't know what you're doing. That's why it's so important to master it more than any style of defense, imo. Many people can be style over subtstance with the Philly shell.

With looping punches rolling is good, but also trying to get inside or under them is sometimes more effective or using your feet. Looping shots should be the easiest ones to avoid, you just let them swing through and follow it's own trajectory and don't even have to try and block them. Sometimes people make the mistake when trying to roll with them of getting low or bending to one side and just staying there. This actually makes them more susceptible to being hit with them type of shots. So i would recommend sliding under them looping punches. Which will leave your opponent off balance and give you more countering opportunities.

Parry the lighter punches like the jab and roll with the power punches like the cross.

Why did Catilijo give mayweather so much trouble?
For me he gave him problems because he was a brillient pressure fighter really A + in that department and understood the pressure points in the ring. What i mean by that is, He stayed on point and pressured Floyd more with his PRESENCE rather than his punches. Castillo didn't go for the special effects he cut off the ring well and put on a lot of mental pressure and was instinctive in his movements, which is the key to pressure fighting. It's no coincidence that he understood this because he was JC Superstar's protege and sparring partner. Floyd was also not physically as strong as he is now so he was forced to give up a lot of ground. When you do that it gives the opponent the opportunity to carry you faster than you want to be carried. That's not to say that Castillo won the fight even if he did so well.

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