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Default Re: Klitschko-Related Thoughts


Here's a fact that few commentators make, especially those who have never been in the ring. The quickest way to get your chin checked to is open up and throw punches.

Wlad buckled Mormeck's knees early and hurt him. Once fighters feel Wlad's power and range for themselves, they become gun shy for a good reason. Sure Mormeck could have opened up more than guard his head...he would have been out of there even sooner.

Mormek was too small to counter, not strong enough in the clinches, and gun shy.

Net-net, many fighters talk during the press conference. Few are willing to walk though fire once they get him. Mercer did it, and Peter in the first fight. Most are " I'm in big trouble, will take shots only when they are open, and try not to get knocked out. " This is why many of Wlad's fights are systematic beat downs. His opponents fear him.
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