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Default Re: Canvas Classics Schedule

I'll start putting the fox guide in here as well from now on. I'll do one up till next week as I might be away at work for a few weeks, not happy, will probably miss the Pavlik-Taylor rematch now.

Wednesday 13th FEB

SkyRacing 9AM/7AM KOTV 1/2hr Repeat

Thursday 14th FEB

ESPN 5AM/3AM Boxing Series: Kelvin Davies(24[16]-7-2) vs Eric Fields(10[8]-0)* 4hrs Repeat

*This is listed as running for four hours, The Friday night version is only two so I assume they'll add another card or probably ESPN World Series of Truckwashing or something similar for two hours.

Friday 15th FEB

FoxSports3 11PM/9PM Fight Sports Knockouts 1hr

ESPN 11PM/9PM Boxing Series: Monty Meza-Clay (26[17]-1) vs Eric Aiken (16[12]-6-1) 2hrs

Sunday 17th FEB

Main Event 1PM/11AM PPV: Pavlik vs Taylor II 4hrs

Monday 18th FEB

SkyRacing 11PM/9PM KOTV 1/2hr

SkyRacing 11.30PM/9.30PM Canvas Classics: Prince Naseem Hamed v Steve Robinson 1hr

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