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Default Re: The all things technical thread.

How could i show an example of a change up? Could you do that with a gif. I really wanna get that point across and how it could make a big difference in some fighters.

Could someone show Khan flurrying too much and overdoing his bursts. Which gives off the impression that his flurries are not really effective and it's not really doing much to keep him from getting walked down. He tries to punch in combination which is good in a way but he's ALWAYS doing it. And it's the same combos and number of them.

He constantly throws 5, 6, 7 running combos. When he should be changing it up and throwing 1, 2's and 2's and 3's once in a while. Throw 2 and 3 hard ones. Really sit on them and go to the body then change it up and run them fast ones off. I can't over-emphasize how much of a difference this would make. His speed would be more of an advantage than it currently is. I'm really shocked Freddie Roach or someone in his camp doesn't see this. I swear i could improve Khan training him myself, and i only say that half jokingly.

Try this fellas. Throw 6 or 7 shots straight as fast and hard as possible and then change it up and this time throw 2 or 3 shots also has fast and hard as possible. I guarentee you that the 2 or 3 punches will be a lot faster and harder then the 6 and 7. There's nothing wrong with throwing a 6, 7 piece combo but just not all the time.
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