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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Nice stuff on internet about Lorlek :
Poot Lorlek
At 15 with Sawat Sangswannachai. Started boxing under the name "Prakaip Sor. Pinyo" in the southern province areas. More tha ten matches. No defeats. In 1968. The young boxer from Trang came to Bangkc with high hopes.
He stayed with his uncle, a former fly-weight champion "Ginggaew Bangyeekhan," and learned mor boxing tactics from him. Ready to show his forte, Tawee took up the boxing name of "Poot Lorlek" and appeared in the Lumpinni' Saturday TV boxing program. In this opening match which is usually for new faces Poot outscored Sirinarong Saktanin. The famous promote "Kru Tao" became his patron, providing Poot with opponents to further sharpen his skills.

Poot was a Thai boxer with very colourful tactics, a rea pleasure to watch. Sharp eyes, remarkable agility and speec were his trademark. A clever boxer, he also uses his brains and very brig'it one at that, when facing opponents.
All these elements help explain why he was dubbed "The Angel Boxer." It was simply because he was rarely beaten. Out of some 80 matches, he was never knocked out, or even counted down: Poot was the star of his time remaining at its height for seven years from 1970-1977.

His records said it all. Poot once successfully tool the Junior Featherweight championship from Samyar Singsorntorn. But he eventually had to relinquish the championship, simply because no one dared to challenge him. Poot was one of those Thai boxers who often encountered opponents heavier than himself. His skills and speed, however, helped him to come out on top always.

Poot earned the title the "Great Thai Boxer" in 1975 by defeating his long-time arch-rival Vicharnnoi Porntawee who had defeated him twice earlier. Fans flocked to the Lumpinni stadium to see the historic fight which grossed more than one million baht, a rare event in those days.

Another match which won Poot much fame was the fight with Japanese Ikari Kensiu who was landed on the canvas by Poot's deadly high kick.
Poot eventually had to turn to international boxing because it became hard for him to find a challenger in Thai boxing. And his forte also shone in this new arena. Poot became the Lightweight champion of Rajadamnern Stadium by knocking down Malaithong Sinkhunyok in the seventh round. Stepping up internationally, Poot boxed with various foreign opponents of both regional and world challenger levels, and successfully brought honor to the country. In the World Boxing Council, Poot's name was listed as the 6th challenger in the Lightweight division.

It was most unfortunate that Poot stopped his still rising career at this point. With some unresolved problems, Poot left his camp and became an independent boxer fighting for bets in provincial boxing rings. And as always, he came out the winner despite little preparation for these fights.
Today, Poot is approaching mid-thirties. He has returned to his hometown in Trang Province, renting out his rubber plantation and is now a fervent fan and patron of ****-fighting.

But refusing to bury his boxing skill in the past, Poot, is also engaging himself in ring life as trainer, passing on his knowledge to young and aspiring boxers.
Few can recognize the slim and speedy Poot nowadays with a weight of over 80 kilogram's. But he is still fast. Just recently, Poot was asked to fight Hern Silatong, former Rajadamnern's Junior Middleweight champion for a charity match. It ended as anyone would expect. Poot won. "
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