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Default Re: Do Tournaments have a place in modern MMA?

I have to say im a fan of tournaments , and was a big fan of the PRIDE GP format , but with the commersialisation of the UFC its difficuilt to see where they fit in , the structure is pretty simple , there is a champion and a contender in each division , how do you introduce a tournament to that ???

I thought the SF HW tourney was a valiant attempt in supplying a genuine world class HW tourney , it didnt work out like that but it looked the real deal at the beginning , Barnett and Cormier its still a much anticipated fight IMHO and either man would make a dent in the UFC HW division even now (in Barnett's case) , if Cain Velasquez's praise of Cormier is anything to go by , he's one to watch in the future !!

To hold a credible tournament , there has to be a credible prize / title , if a champion is not amongst that group of fighters what is the point ?? , plus , all of the current UFC champions are " dominant " champions (Henderson being the exeption , but in time watch this space) , therefore there is no real need for a tourney , its a shame because a good tournament really does site the imagination
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