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Default Re: Do Tournaments have a place in modern MMA?

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
With the one night tournament all but banned in the USA and the last two high profile attempts (UFC Fly and SF HW's) at an extended tournament almost immediately descending into farce is there a place for tournaments any more

With DREAM going tits up and Bellator really failing to make a dent in the market, is there an appetite for them anymore?

The only recent successes were the Bantamweight at the NYE show in Japan and the continued success of The Ultimate Fighter

Should the West leave tournaments to the Asian market?

Do you even consider TUF as a tournament?

Discuss gentlemen
Strikeforce actually did a one-night four woman tournament in 2010 that wasn't that bad actually. It was the one that Tate won her title shot in. Only thing that marred it was the three minute rounds.

I think tournaments are a good way to provide meaning to otherwise meaningless matches which is why both Bellator and TUF make sense. I think for anything else its overly rigid and risks trapping matchmakers.

Btw I've said it before - but why does everyone says that the Strikeforce tournament descended into farce? Other than the Overeem withdrawal what actually happened that was so bad?
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