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Default Re: Do Tournaments have a place in modern MMA?

Originally Posted by Will Cooling View Post
Strikeforce actually did a one-night four woman tournament in 2010 that wasn't that bad actually. It was the one that Tate won her title shot in. Only thing that marred it was the three minute rounds.

I think tournaments are a good way to provide meaning to otherwise meaningless matches which is why both Bellator and TUF make sense. I think for anything else its overly rigid and risks trapping matchmakers.

Btw I've said it before - but why does everyone says that the Strikeforce tournament descended into farce? Other than the Overeem withdrawal what actually happened that was so bad?
Fedor lost in the opening round !!!

Now , given the old replace the new and everything else like that , it was still a blow to the prestige of the tourney , it would be like BJ Penn losing in the opening round of a UFC LW tourney , sickening

Overeem's withdrawal , with the loss of Fedor , people were looking to Overeem to provide that bit of extra magic to the tourney , what happened ?? the UFC snapped him up while he was still locked into a tournament !!

Barnett's licence issue's !! , whole thing has dragged this out way too much , to where Barnett Cormier is now just a HW fight , not the " Grand Finale " of what should of been a definitive tournament to crown the best HW in the world

Cormier .................... begs the question , why the **** wasnt this guy in from the begining ??? , the fans would of appreciated genuine talent once the guy got his chance to actually fight !! , instead Brett Rogers & Arlovski were preferred
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