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Default Re: Do Tournaments have a place in modern MMA?

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
Fedor lost in the opening round !!!

Now , given the old replace the new and everything else like that , it was still a blow to the prestige of the tourney , it would be like BJ Penn losing in the opening round of a UFC LW tourney , sickening
Agree with the rest of the post except this. The favourite losing is in no way a farce. It's part of the excitement that this format has to offer. You may as well have pinned the belt on Fedor as he was the favourite otherwise

Originally Posted by Will Cooling View Post
Yes. A fighter losing a fair fight caused the tournament to DESCEND INTO FARCE! Jesus Christ.

The problem with the tournament was that people had invested so much in it as a stick to bash Zuffa. When Strikeforce became owned by Zuffa it no longer allowed them to rant at how inferior the UFC was to this independent promotion. And yes having Brett Rogers and Arlovski in it was stupid - I was saying that last February but nobody on here would listen.
The usual suspect did do that, as they always do. But the MAJORITY of posters here were excited to see such a good line up. Brand bashing has nowt to do with it when you ignore the small minority of morono's

People were invested in it because it had Fedor, Overeem, Barnet, Arlovski, Sergei ect. If you cant get excited about the fights to come, and disappointed about how it actually turned out, then you aint no MMA fan

If it had been a success and the buy out hadnt occured, then tournaments with the other weight classes would have been something to relish. Most of the best non-Zuffa fighters in the mix, would have been great for the sport imo
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