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Talking Re: The boxing equipment thread I get in on this rating...

Vanquish Boxing - "Double Wrist Strap Sparring Gloves"

Great pair of double wrist strap sparring gloves, very padded and good for both bag work and sparring work. Very good fit - high quality velcro straps. The first strap that you adjust to your wrist size is elasticated and tucks in the whole wrist area to give a superb unique fit every time! Available in 100z-160z - so good range of weights to get the weight that is perfect for you.

Effectiveness 4/5 - The leather on these gloves is immense, real high quality. As i believe they are just starting out so I donít think their prices yet reflect how good their products are.

Style 4/5 - Yeah they look good - but pretty standard to be honest, but the double wrist strap looks impressive in the ring. Only negative is that they only come in red at the minute :( i like black!

Durability 4/5 - Double stitched all the way around to make sure they last as long as possible - time will tell how good they are after a few rounds though, but judging by the quality of the leather they should hold up for a while!

Cost 5/5 - £34.99 - For double wrist strap gloves - fantastic price! Like i said, these gloves are worth much more than this price and i think 'Vanquish Boxing' have put their prices down as they have just started out, so grab yours for cheap whilst you can ladies & gentlemen!

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