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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Please write more! Quality post

The Payakaroon brothers are, on film, two of the most natural punchers in Muay Thai I have ever seen. It's no surprise that they found the transition to international boxing. Whereas Saensak, who was going in literally armed only with an iron chin and a big punch!
Thanks Flea.

I agree about the natural abilty in thier hands.

It's really interesting the differences between the brothers. One a beautiful Muay Thai fighter and the other the total oppossite, enjoyable to watch yes, but beautiful no. Body shape I guess.

To me Saensak is more typical of almost every Muay Thai convert to boxing. Tough as nails and they never stop coming forward, but that is Muay Thai in a nutshell. I'd say that's the biggest problem for Thai's converting over is the footwork issue. In Thai trained Muay Thai you are basically taught to go forward all the time never to go back, let alone taught to throw while going back. But the guys carry so much ring experience into it when the convert they can survive until they've learnt more western boxing skills even at a high level.

Guys like Samart and Somluck where as you say naturals.
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