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Default Re: Intense Training Log

Today didn't go too bad, I'm a bit disapointed that I spent most of the day in bed between training sessions though.

Morning session:

Up and down the steps in the local park (8 blocks of steps, so pretty big staircase) x5, no rest.

'Step sprints' 1 blocks up - back down, 2 blocks up - back down, 3 blocks up - back down etc until all are complete x3, 30 seconds rest after each 'set'.

Hill sprints, not sure of the exact distance but it's a pretty good incline x4, rest being the time it takes to walk back to the starting point'

Warm down by a light jog around 1/4 mile then stretch off.

Night Session

Walk around 2.8mile to get to the boxing gym, got there early so did 22minutes on the cross trainer thing just to get a sweat on.

The coached session consisted of something along the lines of;

Skipping; 5 minutes with intervals sprints.

Shadow boxing; 2 rounds.

Bag work; 10 rounds.

Short 10 minute circuit consisting of burpees, tuck jumps etc with some light ab work at the end.

Got a lift part the way home so only had to walk around a mile back.

Macros for the day: 136.9g Protein - 359.6g Carbs - 75.6g Fat

Total Kcal: 2800.6

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