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Default Re: How would a prime Charles have fared against Marciano?

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
I do think he'd slipped by the time he fought rocky.
This is neglagable.
in the 36 months after losing the title he was 7-4 against rated contenders the guys he lost to were split to johnson (no disgrace), walcott (close), layne (close) who he later beat and valdes (close).
charles wasnt shining against all the weakest guys during his peak. some of those guys were awful, he couldnt get up for them. its no disgrace. the charles who fought barone and beshore is the same guy who fought valdes and johnson.

the significance is charles wasnt putting out champion ship class performances all the time even then. prime charles perhaps fought far too often to guarantee that quality all the time.

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
After losing to jersey, he lost to him again, lost to layne, lost to valdes and lost to johnson..
these fights could have went either way and were very good contenders. many think charles won all those fights but the valdes one. against valdes charles was out of shape. one report said charles started too fast and shot his bolt after coming close to stopping nino early. nino mauled his way back in and used his weight to win by a shade in rounds only but was hurt in most rounds by a tired charles.

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
He picked up many victories as well during this time..
agreed. some of his best wins on film are the wallace, satterfeild, harrison fights.

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
Unless i'm missing something with these losses, i'd say jersey was the last man to beat a prime charles.
I would say that was marciano. charles still fought like a great fighter the fist time at least.
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