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Default Re: How would a prime Charles have fared against Marciano?

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
Taking the results at face value, a drop in quality looks certain to me..
what a bout the step up in talent charles was facing in Harrison, Layne, Wallace, Satterfield, Walcott x2, Layne x3, Johnson, Valdes and Rocky (x2)
compared to Baksi, Maxim, Walcott first 2 times, Lesnevich, Valentino, Beshore, old man Louis, Barone and lee Oma?

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
I will look deeper and if I'm happy they weren't genuine losses then I might rethink my stance but as it is, he seems to have slipped by the time he faced rocky.
I think you will have to rethink this if your suport of charles slipping hinges on the layne and valdes fights.

charles either severly under estimated valdes or had a complete off night since he rebounded with much beter wins. gillium outpointed valdes and walace knocked out gillium. by knocking out big wallace charles did the next best thing to avenging his loss to valdes who he couldnt get to rematch. charles also beat gillium as well who was just as big as valdes who Billy also beat. losing to valdes isnt even a blot on charles's record when you weigh it all up. charles fought 6 rated contenders that year and spread himself a bit thin. I think the charles who turned up for wallace would have had much too much for the valdes who showed up for satterfield, moore, baker and even jackson.

charles had an extra round to knock out layne in pittsburgh that he did not have a year later when he lost to rex in utah as the away fighter in rex laynes hometown. jack dempsey, a midwest hero was the ref that night. Dempsey was the sole judge, he gave charles one round and scored 7 rounds even!

"The surprise of the decision, coming after 10 bruising rounds that were punctuated primarily by a powerful left hook used by the former heavyweight champion to punish Rowdy Rex, was indicated by the fact that virtually all ringsiders scoring the contest had Ezzard winning."

8 months later charles decked layne 3 times in sanfrancisco to win a decision. I cant help thinking all three fights were the same only one went into round 11 and layne was stopped and another was in rex laynes home town. usualy the fighter who is slipping loses over a 3 fight series.

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