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Default Re: How would a prime Charles have fared against Marciano?

Originally Posted by he grant View Post
So he beats a prime Tyson and has a shot at beating Max Baer ... I honestly have come to believe that you don't believe what you post but simply do so to generate debate. There is no way to take such a post seriously ..

after reading some of your posts, I think most are agenda based so I don't really look at what you say but why you say it. As far as Tyson I said I think he could have beaten him which means he could also have lost to him but after watching Evander vs Tyson 1, and looking at Ezz vs Saterfield, I think its a possibility....Charles came into a few fights unmotivated ( he admittedly was not in top form for Valdes) but he tried badly for a rematch and Valdes would not give it. A lot of people feel he beat Johnson, I thought it was tight but felt he won.
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