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Default Re: Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido II

Originally Posted by DrTrouble View Post
I figure since it was in PR, Salido would need a KO. Plus maybe Juanma wasn't mentally ready in the first fight. Plus Juanma had the power to get a couple of knockdowns which would be enough to get the win.

Had it gone the whole 12, there was a good chance they would've given it to Juanma.

im with ya mate...all points well taken...but on history weve seen this fight(or close enough to it with us bettors before..) hop-tito..pryor-arg...

my bases is juan will never be able to change his style...he is maxed out in what his skill-set will allow style-wise...and mentially...well for me he couldnt of show any more he fought like he does...and im not lower casing his effort one bit...he reminds me of diego corrales...he wouldnt change his style if he

hey man u have my respect...u bbchump,haggis,bully,davidb,IB,ICE TOO..

i check if i have any doubt at all with my feelings on fight with you and there bets...

u bet on the real Dr?
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