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Default Re: Lennox Lewis Was Afraid Of Mike Tyson

Originally Posted by Hydraulix View Post
86-87 Tyson wouldn't fear Lewis for sure. But he knew he was shot in 2002. When you miss a left hook on Lewis' bodyguard, how do you expect to do against Lennox himself?

I think Lewis was a little spooked by Tyson's nutty behavior but I think Tyson was beyond terrified and trying to convince himself of what he would do to Lewis. Knocking his brain out of his skull? Eating his children? Breaking his ribs? Taking his virginity? Raping a journalist in his ass in front of everybody? Stomping people's testicles? Tyson appeared to be out of his mind. This wasn't trash talking; this was insanity.
Terrible fight. Tyson couldnt land one shot of significance. Coming in at 234 lbs..

That had a lot to do with Lewis, dont get me wrong. Lennox is absolutely massive. Combined with the skills and power he had, he could beat any Heavyweight champion in history. I'm not a "Prime Tyson" clown, but christ even the '96 version wouldve tested his chin a few times.

The fight just wasnt in good taste. Lennox could rate higher without Mike on his resume. But that was ugly.
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