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Default Re: How would a prime Charles have fared against Marciano?

Originally Posted by choklab View Post
Charles’s peak was 1946-1953.
I hear a lot about Charles being a light heavyweight. He was the same size as jack dempsey. Charles only ever featured in the light heavyweight rankings for two years 1946-1947, before that he was absent during the war and always less than 169lb. so he was a LH for a very short time.
Even 1947 is stretching it, of the 12 times he fought in 1947 only 4 of the opponents Ezzard faced scaled within the light heavyweight limit when he fought them - the rest all being heavyweights. By 1953 Charles had fought and beat more heavyweight contenders than most ATG's.

Both Charles and Marciano started around the same time after the war only difference was Charles also had a brief 28-3-1 record that ended when he was a 21 year old kid (that began when he was still in high school) before he took a 3 year break and started again.

After a clean break from boxing Charles was 55-7 against Marciano who was 45-0 and only 2 years younger.
There are a few details left out ...

Charles started as a middleweight, then moved up to light heavyweight ... he eventually jumped to heavy for the money like most light heavyweights that do ... he also dominated at light heavyweight at a way he never came close to at heavyweight beating such greats as Burley and Moore ...

Marciano was a 200 pound guy that trained down to cruiser because it was his best fighting weight.

Dempsey was naturally larger than charles as well , an inch taller, four inches in reach ... at the 189 or so he fought Carpentier he was ripped. That being said I have always referred to Dempsey was a cruiserweight. Unlike Charles his biggest victories came in the heavyweight division .. that being said he was small as well ..
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