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Default Re: Intense Training Log

Originally Posted by 1lifeliveit View Post
looks good mate, keep up the hard work
when i get back ill join you on the morning etc to push you all the way
train hard fight easy bud!
Cheers mate, I look forward to training with you again, hopefully get plenty of sparring too.


Morning Session:

Squats 3x8
Power Shrugs 3x6
Bench Press 4x5
Close Hand Pushups 3xFailure
Wide Hand Pushups 3xFailure
Dips 3xFailure
Hanging Leg Raises 3xFailure

Early Afternoon Session:

Tuck Jumps 3x8
Lateral Cone Jump 3x10
Rhythmic Lunge Jump 3x10 (5 per leg)
Double Legs Bounding 3x25 Yards

Late Afternoon Session:

2.6mile run; average 7.7mph.

Today was tough on the legs, but I'm feeling ****ing great.

Macros for the day: 155.2g Protein - 333.7g Carbs - 90.7g Fat
Total Kcal: 2849.5
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