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Default Re: How would a prime Charles have fared against Marciano?

Originally Posted by PetethePrince View Post
I tend to think Charles ALS became evident post-Marciano. Those grueling fights, and basically beatings took everything out of Charles at that stage and was never the same again (And he was already past his best).

I also don't think Charles wobbled Marciano in Round 1 (Or was it round 4?). I tend to think Dunphy was overstating it. Interesting to note, Charles after the first fight thought he won and said that Walcott was a better puncher. Marciano afterwards also said, "He didn't sting me the way Walcott had." Both seemed less impressed with each other as a puncher than media impressions had cast.
I don't know man, possibly. I watched in on mute and Marciano's leg looked like gemelli for just a second, and he took some good shots in the previous seconds.

~ 2:50
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