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Default Re: If old-style pugilism was revived...

Originally Posted by cross_trainer
With MMA gloves and throws allowed, but otherwise identical to Queensberry boxing (3 minute rounds, 10 second knockout, 12 rounds), would you want to watch the sport?
Not throws. Part of boxing's lore is the ability to keep one's feet. ("The legs are the first to go.") The premium on being able to remain upright is currently the biggest major advantage boxing has over MMA.

There were a couple things I liked about occasionally watching the PKA way back in the day. Clinches were limited to a duration of two seconds, and a minimum number of hard kicks per round were required to avoid being penalized. (Perhaps boxing should likewise mandate a specific number of punches attempted as scoring blows.) Being able to meet these stipulations required a high quality level of conditioning, and guaranteed a more sustained level of action than could be allowed by an action stalling hugfest.

The boxing came to naturally evolve into 15 three minute rounds, and ten seconds in which to get up from a knockdown. Those are essential to boxing.

I have no problem with mandating thumbless gloves for the sake of preserving a boxer's eyesight.

No three knockdown rule. Ten point must scoring system is good. Neutral corner rule is good.

If boxing is to survive as a spectator sport, it might be best that a boxer can be saved by the bell in any round, EXCEPT the last (the exact opposite of what is currently standard).

I would also not object to a return to smaller gloves, if accompanied by the abolition of handwrappings.

Should a boxer get knocked out of the ring legally, a 20 second count ought to be allotted for returning into the ring and getting back on the feet.

Originally, I agreed with Arthur Mercante Sr.'s adamant opposition to a standing eight-count without following a knockdown, and I remain ambivalent about it. On one hand, it would interrupt the delivery of multiple punch combinations which can draw a match to a riveting conclusion (and undermine combination punching as a boxing art), and also deprive boxing of the feigning of distress as a strategic ploy.

On the other hand, a standing eight count would provide for the opportunity to continue action that would be more marketable to the paying public, action in a match that would need to otherwise be stopped without offering the standing eight count as an option for the referee.

The mandatory eight count following a knockdown is a positive for boxing.

Perhaps a minimum level of fitness should be mandated, such as being able to run a certain distance in a specific minimum of time, or being able to skip rope nonstop for 15 minutes. (Muhammad Ali was barely able to run a slow two miles in training before getting retired by Trevor Berbick.)
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