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Default Re: How would a prime Charles have fared against Marciano?

Originally Posted by choklab View Post
Charles was a light heavyweight for about 18 months after the war and was already fighting heavyweights. Before the war charles was never older than 21 years old and less than 169lb that is under the LH limit. charles was as much a heavyweight as jack dempsey, gene tunny, max schmeling, floyd patterson, and leon spinks. ezzard was less the "manufactured" heavyweigt than evander holyfeild, micheal moorer and chris byrd all were since he made 190lb training the old fashioned way.
Ezzard Charles was as much a heavyweight as Billy Conn.

Ezzard Charles was a light heavyweight during his prime

He fought heavyweights for the same reason that light heavyweights since before Tommy Burns fought heavyweights --it's where the money is. Charles had added motivation as well -Lesnevich wasn't going near him.

Leon Spinks was never less than 190 lbs and that only once to challenge for a CW belt. Schmeling was 188 when he was 25/26 years old. Charles was around 173. Big difference.

Originally Posted by choklab View Post
There really isnít any mileage in Charles being a weary burned out old man when he fought marciano. fighters with ALS do not knock out world rated fighters in the manner ezzard dispatched walace and satterfeild. those wins were as worthy of a title chalenge as anything he ever produced at heavyweight. Those wins were a lot better than earlier wins against barone, beshore and lee oma.
ALS isn't the flu, man. It takes time to even be detected, and it is damn near a fact that he was showing symptoms by 1955. Ray Arcel observed these symptoms first-hand and commented on his getting tired more easily, his coordination deteriorating.

The fact that Charles was handling heavyweights doesn't make him a natural heavyweight anymore than Duran's handling middleweights makes him a natural middleweight -what it is is proof-positive of his greatness. Would you argue that Mickey Walker was a heavyweight? He was a top-rated contender in 1931 but was he a heavyweight, really?

Originally Posted by choklab View Post
what ruined Charles's health was the crazy schedule after the marciano fights.
in 1955 Charles fought 11 times. altogether he fought 3 times in December, 2 times in April and august each. unsurprisingly Charles only won 6 times out of the 11. he fought 8 rated heavyweights that year and did not knock out any of them.... they were back to back bruising fights after 22 tough rounds within 3 months against marciano. this was when he faded.
Charles's best work was against guys much better than Oma and Barone and perhaps at least as good as Marciano: Bivins, Marshall, Burley, Moore, Overlin, Yarosz.

Marciano sapped whatever he had left, sure, but I am not convinced that ALS wasn't already taking things out of him as well, which made it easier for Marciano. I watch his legs in '54 and before and see a difference.

Maybe it was just age, but I'm not so sure.

All I know is that any talk that Ezzard was in "his prime" when he faced Marciano is KOOKY-TALK!
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