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Default Re: Dale Berry boxing retirement 31st March

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
ur a POS full stop, you come on here ranting about how great Danny Green is and how wrong we all are, then the moment sht hits the fan you go missing like a ***** hiding in the bushes hahaha!
Ooh, someone's frothing at the mouth

Find a post where I ranted on about how great Danny Green is you loser

Who went hiding? You whined to admin about the photoshop I did of you Albury ****eater, and I was banned.

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
you didnt even have the ***** to post on the TKO on its way BRUA thread which was posted before Danny got knocked out.
Why would I react to a thread created by a loser under false impressions designed specifically to goad me over something that I have no emotional attachment to? I was a big fan of Green's years ago, but have only kept an eye on him since he came back out of retirement to see if he still had anything to offer. Any threads I've started about him since then have been taking the pss - see the one I did about him sailing in the Sydney to Hobart a few years ago

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
You are so weak minded that you just repeate the same bullsht and when owned you jump onto an alias and hide, tuck tail between legs and run because your lover, whom you never shut up about got fcked up and pwned like we all said he would. Funny how you never talk about him anymore ***got!
"Weak minded" is rich coming from you - you only just put 2 and 2 together yesterday and have been celebrating ever since. Your other favourite pastime involves embarking on internet hate crusades against people whose faces you wouldn't have the ***** to say the same things to. That's your life, loser

Your every move is transparent yet you think you're this uber-intelligent internet sleuth

You calling me a POS after with all the downlow, snaky, dirty dog stunts you pull - CLASSIC
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