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Default Re: Hagler v Leonard Thoughts?

I thought Hagler deserved the decision. Close, but he deserved it, imo. In terms of acheivement, what Leonard did after such a layoff against a dominant (though significantly deterioated) champion was magnificent.

I think so may people expected Leonard to be wiped out by Hagler that the very fact that SRL was competitive against MMH may have sub-conciously influenced many observers (including, apparently 2 judges) that SRL was doing better than he actually was. The showboating etc, is clever psychology, Ali used it very well. It gives the impression of supreme confidence of can make the impressionable think that the person showboating must be winning the fight - fantastic kidology.

For me, this was a victory of modern day "values", one of style over substance, flash over steady work, imo.

Jo-Jo Guerra's 118-110 was disgraceful, imo.

Hugh McIlvanney of The Sunday Times in the UK wrote a magnifficent article on this subject the week after the fight - one of the greatest and perceptive articles on boxing that I have ever read.
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