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Default Sergio Martinez vs a selection of yesteryears MW's.

So Martinez has just racked up the 4th defence (all by stoppage and all against ranked opponents) of his MW crown.

He seems able to adapt mid fight, up his workrate when suits, counter in the pocket and potshot from range. His punching power is also very impressive.


He's quite clearly the best MW in the world today, so my question is, how would he fare against some of the filmed Mw's from yesteryear.

This is not a gauntlet he'd run, it's just a selection of 1 off fantasy fights.

How do you think he goes vs:

Les Darcy
Mickey Walker
Freddie Steele
Fred Apostoli
Tony Zale
Jake La Motta
Ray Robinson
Emile Griffith
Carlos Monzon
Marvin Hagler
Michael Nunn
Bernard Hopkins

All of these guys have a decent amount of prime footage available. The question is, how successful would Sergio be against each of them individually?
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