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Default Re: Sergio Martinez vs a selection of yesteryears MW's.

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
These aren't the best H2H MWs but here goes

Les Darcy - Darcy's technique looks very dated, so I will go with Martinez

Mickey Walker - 50-50, Walker has problem with speed and movement but Martinez's low hands against Walker's pressure and power could be a problem

Freddie Steele - Martinez bigger and faster, Steele technically more solid but maybe a bit straight up, hard to pick another 50-50 for me

Fred Apostoli - Apostoli's defence and counter punching and better technique see him win a UD

Tony Zale - H2H I don't rate Zale that highly, I think Martinez's massive speed advantage sees him win here

Jake La Motta - Martinez for me. Lamotta wouldn't have a size advantage here and Martinez is quicker and better outside, hit harder and the southpaw angle may give Lamotta problems. We've seen Martinez can deal with a very very fast pace against WIlliams, so the pressure isn't wearing him down. Lamotta when he does get inside lands but Martinez overall lands more and wins an 8-4 or 7-5 type decision

Ray Robinson - Robi faster and technically better, Martinez bigger, Robi wins a decision

Emile Griffith - Martinez bigger, quicker and the lefty angles, Griffith cutie and highly skilled but in many many close fights. This would be another 1 of them, I'm giving Martinez a slight edge

Carlos Monzon - he wins a few early rounds before Monzon takes over for a comprehensive UD

Marvin Hagler - Hagler wrecks him

Michael Nunn - Nunn is quicker and bigger fighting at a faster pace, Martinez maybe technicially more solid. Nunn UD

Bernard Hopkins - first few rounds maybe close before Hopkins pulls away

So I have him winning 5 of the fights if he wins 1 of the 50-50s
I wasn't picking the ten best H2H fighters. Just going through my list and picking ten guys who had sat atop the Mw perch for a decent length of time whilst having a decent amount of footage to allow for educated picks
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