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Default Re: Sergio Martinez vs a selection of yesteryears MW's.

Originally Posted by thistle1 View Post
far, far too much credit to Martinez and too, too much disregard for past fighters realities, playing field (Comp) and longeviety... Freddie Steele for example handled a hundred Martinezes, Walker fought UP in divisions, something that just isn't done today and for 40 - 50 years.

Griffith was a beast, Zale by many, many accounts was as tough as anything Martinez could give.

too much disproportional respect for Martinez,

as I've said a million times the men of the past have nothing to prove, it's already been done.

the men of today haven't fought UP out of their divisions,
they haven't met dozens of legitimate TOP contenders and fighters,
they didn't and wouldn't remain on top for years had they done so, the past fighters that did, well again it's already done.

Our boys aren't fighting hundreds of fights with relatively few losses by comparison and at 3 weekly to 5 weekly scheduals and on it goes.
I'd disagree and say far too much of the rose tinted glasses for these fighters, they all have their weaknesses. Fighters today go up in weight much the same way, should I pick Toney over everyone in history because he had some success at HW?

In contrary to fighting 100 Martinez's I don't think Zale has fought anyone like Martinez, no one as big, conditioned and maybe no one as quick

Just because Walker fought up in divisions doesn't mean he didn't have problems with certain styles. He didn't do as well against masters of defence or speed merchants. At MW Greb dominated him, Flowers by all accounts beat him too. At WW an ancient Britton beat him, as did Latzo. At LHW he went 50-50 with Loughran

As for Martinez he beat the best MW in Pavlik and beat the best 154lb fighter in Williams. He's been top competition around the world for 12 years, just because he's only just came on your radar doesn't make him a flash in the pan

Originally Posted by Lester1583 View Post
Is Martinez really technicially more solid?
Well they both break the rules but I think at times Nunn gives up his height when he shouldn't have. I'd still pick him to win prime for prime
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