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Default Re: Any news on Abdusalamov-Pettaway?

Originally Posted by madpuppy View Post
IB..whats with Mago hate? No one is proclaiming him a threat to the Klitchshkos or anything, but in a stale division, a really powerful guy who goes in to knock people is out is going to excite people, much like David Price has.

And at least he seems to be improving his conditioning with each fight, rather than getting fatter, so that shows some dedication.
If you guys want to get excited about a heavyweight power punching prospect in the early stages of development, how about Bogdan Dinu? He gets no love on here, which is strange.

Dinu has had half as many bouts and looks maybe MORE powerful than Abdusalamov (leaving aside respecitve stoppage ratios, which is a pretty easily manipulated statistic at the level they're both still at...for instance, I can assure you that Abdusalamov wouldn't stop Remi Ziasus either...) - as well as looking faster, sharper, and more fluid.

MA is strong. So what? He literally brings nothing else to the table, and I just don't see what people are getting so horny about. I've got nothing against him really - it's just very bizarre to see all these people foaming at the mouth over a one-trick pony. (whose one trick is only so-so...this isn't the second coming of Mike Tyson we're dealing with here, folks...)
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