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Default Re: Will Seth Mitchell be another Mike Tyson??

Originally Posted by MrMagic View Post
Seth should avoid Chisora for now, its a dangerous fight. Chisora has a chin, Dimitrenko does not. Mitchell should fight someone like Dimitrenko and shatter his china chin, then go on to the golf victim and snatch them belts off his waist.
For managerial-safety i understand were your coming from brah, But G$ora VS Mitchell is the most eXciting SLUGFEST possible right now @heavy.

Originally Posted by Montero View Post
You people really over use the word "bum", Seth Mitchell is no bum. However, he's no Mike Tyson either. Even style wise, he fights nothing like him. Honestly I think he's still developing his style and we won't even know who he's comparable to for a few years.
WATCH this fight -


NOW watch some Super Seth fights.

He's a legit contender with alot of potential. Believe it or not, I can foresee him fighting somebody like a Chris Arreola for Vitali's vacant WBC belt in a couple years.
Aye me too!
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