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Default Re: ESB Classic Forum All-Time Rankings by Division

Originally Posted by Webbiano View Post
I'm not that sold on Dempsey either. Who do you put instead of Dempsey and Tyson (if your taking him out)

1. GOAT Ali

2. Lion Lenny Lewis

3. Notorious B.I.G.G.G (Big. Invincible. Giant. G. George) Foreman

4. Joey "Bum of teh Month" Louis

5. Smokey Joe Frazier

6. WARRIOR Holyfield

7. Rocco "Italian Stallion" Marciano

8. "Jelly" Lazza "Habitual Ducker" Holmes

9. King Kenny Norton (for deserving 2 wins VS GOAT Ali, And a draw with Prime Holmes)

10. "Midget Lisp" Tinkerbell Tyson

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