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Default Re: Intense Training Log

Right well since I was unable to train on saturday, I decided to train on the sunday instead, although the gym where I do my lifting is closed on sundays, so just did an ab workout, with variations of pushups between sets of ab work. Took about 30 minutes. Went for a run on the night too, 2.8miles; average 7.8mph.

Macros for the day: 119g Protein - 299g Carbs - 90g Fat
Total Kcal:

Yesterday was:

Morning Session:

Jog around 0.25 miles to steps.
Up and down the steps (8 blocks of steps) x5, no rest.
'Step sprints' x3, 30 seconds rest after each 'set'.
Hill sprints x6; 3 on a lesser incline, 3 on a pretty big incline, high effort.
Jog around 0.25 miles home and stretch off.

Night Session:

Did around 3 minutes skipping while I waited for the session to start, also messed around on the double end bag.


Skipping; 5 minutes with interval sprinting
Shaddow Boxing; 3x2 minutes, 30 seconds rest
Technical pad work; not sure how many rounds, around 4-5x2 minutes, 30 seconds rest
Circuits; full of painful exercises
Stretch off.

Macros for the day: 147g Protein - 310g Carbs - 83g Fat
Total Kcal: 2575


Morning Session:

Hang Cleans 3x6
Deadlifts 4x5
Squats 4x5
Seated Calf Raises 3x8
Chins 3xFailure

Night Session

3.6mile run; average 8.2mph.

Macros for the day: 148g Protein - 358g Carbs - 80g Fat
Total Kcal: 2744

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