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Default Re: Billy Petrolle vs Alexis Arguello

Originally Posted by Duodenum View Post
This one goes the championship distance. If it was stopped, Billy was halted a couple times by damage to his eyes, and Alexis could certainly inflict that kind of injury.

However, I think the difference here is the combination of Arguello's height, optimal use of reach, and refined boxing skills. Vilomar Fernandez and the wildly unpredictable Pryor were able to screw him up with movement, while I expect the Fargo Express to go right after him, like Ganigan and Elizondo tried to do. Remember, Alexis was a counterpuncher, so Billy might play right into his hands. Mancini might offer a clue as well to what Arguello-Petrolle might resemble.

Certainly, Billy could pull off a knockdown or two, but it's not as if Alexis never got up to win in those situations. I think this one ultimately comes down to skill and technique. As tough a s****per and hard a puncher as Petrolle was, I think Arguello's class makes the difference against a more orthodox performer than Pryor and Fernandez were.

Enormous respect for the Express, who uniquely stopped Battalino, was the first to stop Berg (nearly three years before Canzi turned the trick), and decisioned Canzi and McLarnin, but I believe El Flaco Explosivo is a bridge too far for Billy.
A great post, Duo. One so well thought out that I won't even offer a rebuttal. But one thing to remember--Alexis had that long, skinny upper body and you could count those ribs right through his skin. Petrolle liked nothing better than to apply rib-crakkers and was known for his debilitating body attack. I wonder how long Arguello could take those body clouts, which Petrolle is sure to land on him (as he did everyone else)?
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