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Default Re: Muhammad Ali vs. Duane Bobick (Signed, Sealed, But Not Delivered)

I believe it was,,,,,,,,,Money, Money and more Money

No doubt that Muhammad Ali was one of the phenomena of the century,
artistically as well as in presence.

But 'Money' and more of it , was what drove him in 1976, 1977 and 1978.

Here is what Muhammad Ali was talking about in March of 1976.

"The 1976 Road Show' by Mark Kram

Muhammad Ali;

I made $1,000,000 to fight Coopman in San Juan, Puerto Rico,
After that country's taxes I got $600,000. After expenses and my own income taxes
I'll get about $350,000. But then I have to pay my manager, plus the rest of my
contingent. I may walk away with $250,000.

With my lifestyle, that just isn't enough money. I can't go on forever, but I have to
raise some hell before I go. This road show has to go on.

I have a fight scheduled in April for $1,000,000 in Costa Rica against Jimmy Young.

After that, I go to Tokyo for a fight in May, where I'll get $6,000,000. I can't say who we are fighting
at the moment. Let's just say it is a secret opponent.

Then Ken Norton for $14,000,000. Yes, that is my number to fight Norton.
That fight will take place in Istanbul, Sudan or Kuwait. They say they're all
lined up.

We also have Shea Stadium in our plans, $12,000,000 for a fight on July 4th versus Norton.

But why should I give up $2,000,000 to fight Norton in the United States, when other countries
are interested and will pay more.

Mark Kram;

Muhammad Ali plans to fight every two months, for two reasons;
1) He needs the money
2) He wants to take his 'show' on the road, to as many people as possible

In early 1976, it sure sounded like 'MONEY' to most of us.

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