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Default Re: Why do people seem to hold the ****ell fight against Marciano?

Originally Posted by Dempsey1238 View Post
Maybe, but the ****ell fight vs Valdes is the main reason for gripe over Marciano's rein. Yes Valdes did earn the shot over ****ell, but I think Marciano should have gotting a easy one after that run to the title, than the run going into the ****ell fight.

Valdes would have gotting his shot perhaps had he waited instand of rushing into the Moore fight. But people bring this one up compare to Valdes not getting his title shot(Or the Ezzard Charles debate if he was the "True" number 1 contender.)
Ofcourse it's the main reason; had he fought nino instead, he'd have beaten every number 1 contender and that would have significantly improved his standing.

It's not so much anger as angst.

Another shame for his career is that floyd beat moore. Had archie beat patterson rocky's standing would improve moreso.
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