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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Cuevas vs Ranzany.

Cuevas is maybe the least skilled fighter in the HOF and I can't really see anything he does good. his punches are wild, his stance is awful, his technique is ****, his defence is ****, his speed is average, his one saving grace is that he could change a fight with one punch. serious blunt force trauma in those fists.

I'm not a child of the 70's, but was there a sense that this guy would always catch up with his opponent eventually? He went on a good knockout spree as champ, Palomino was obviously a better boxer but how did people see it going? I'd assume Palomino way ahead on cards but Cuevas can knock him out at any point.

Did people back then appreciate how **** he looked or was it all masked by his brutal power?

Maybe I'm being harsh on the guy, I dunno.
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