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Default Roberto Duran vs Ike Williams 135lbs

If I could really see one mythical matchup in history this would be it. Two of my favorite boxers of alltime.

Duran is highly regarded for his brutal reign at Lightweight from 1972 to 1978. He KOd 11 of 12 contenders not to mention many non title opponents. He lost just one fight to DeJesus in a fight he may have been ill prepared for. Didnt matter he went on to destroy DeJesus twice in Title fights. The last fight he came pretty close to killing him.

Duran was a vicious puncher not to mention a slick defensive fighter coming forward. A natural warrior more comfortable in the ring than out of it. His knowledge of the game allowed him to moved up in weight to have a mind boggling body of work over a 20 year period.

Ike Williams was also a Lightweight Champion in the late 1940s through the early 50s. This was perhaps the greatest era in boxing history. PreTeleivsion the names speak for themselves. Still only 8 divisions so being a champion was genuine.

Ike Williams could do pretty much everything Duran could. He was vicious with both hands. He could box and set up his attack, very good speed. I believe that his comp at Lightweight was better than Duran`s.

Ike Williams may have had to throw some fights in his career. He was controlled by the mob and didnt have much choice unless he was to be blackballed.

How does this fight go?
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