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Default Re: Roberto Duran vs Ike Williams 135lbs

This is kind of like Louis vs. Tyson.
Duran is Tyson a great offensive boxer with a good but overrated defense.
Williams is Louis. He'll pick his spots and make you pay for your mistakes.

Williams swwms to be known mostly for his power is an underrated boxer. He's not slick, but he can control the distance. If your able to control the distance your going to win the fight in my opinion. Against Duran, Williams has 2" of reach. Duran is at his best coming forward. Duran may be able to get to Williams, but he's going to eat a lot of jabs to get there. Duran's best chance is to get to Williams early. I don't see that happening. While Duran may be able to get on the inside. I don't think he'll be able to stay there. Williams will be strong enough to force him off. I also don't think Williams lets him get on the inside enough times. This is going to happen more and more as the fight progresses. As it dose Duran is going to find it harder and harder to get inside. Williams is going to tag him all fight. This could go all 15 rounds, but as Duran becomes less and less efective in the latter stages of the fight. I can see the ref stopping the fight in the 13th or 14th round.
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