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Default Re: Muhammad Ali vs. Duane Bobick (Signed, Sealed, But Not Delivered)

Originally Posted by SolomonDeedes View Post
See, this is why I became an Ali nuthugger. Not because I consider him an invincible fighter or a flawless human being, but because there is so much more nonsense written about him than any other boxer.

Did he beat Doug Jones? Um, yes. Jones was small for a heavyweight, but he was quick, aggressive, experienced, and stood at the pinnacle of his career, coming off good wins against Bob Foster and Zora Folley. And yet he lost a unanimous decision against the very green 21 year old Ali, and wishing it was otherwise doesn't make it true.

Did he beat Henry Cooper? Again... um, yes! The fact that he suffered a 4 second knockdown before stopping Cooper in the following round doesn't change that fact. The myth that the break was longer than it should have been has been conclusively disproved and is only kept alive by people who desperately, desperately want it to be true. Ali had zero difficulty regaining his feet and there's no reason to believe he'd have been knocked out if the bell hadn't rung - let's be honest, if the bell had gone after he was floored by Frazier, people would be claiming right now that it saved him that time as well.

Cooper was, incidentally, not a clubfighter, nor even an "international clubfighter", whatever that is. He had been ranked in the top 10 since his win over Folley five years earlier, and in that time his only loss was in the rematch with Folley. In the next fight after losing to Ali he became European champion.
When I watched that fight in d 1st time I didn't know who Ali was nor did I ever understand d hype about Ali after watching that fight . I think it was d 1st time I watched n Ali fight in its entirety or close 2 it and since then i know that every1 who praises Ali while dismissing or denying his performance in d Jones fight is either extremely ignorant (like most of d General Forum stooges and some of d clowns here) , extremely biased (I noticed that 4 some reasons Ali , Hopkins , Floyd Mayweather and 2 a lesser extent but still Mike Tyson and Roid Jones Jr. as well r idols 4 Afro American and Muslim Americans especially) while many others like Holyfield , Toney , Foreman , McCall , Byrd and Brewster r not ) , or , just have some personal interest in enhancing Ali's forged Legacy like Angelo Dundee (Bokaj until Dundee died) and his son (Stevie G) , Don King and probably a few Ali relatives , etc .
Ali did not beat Doug Jones and d only time that i scored their fight I tried 2 score it as much as i could in favor of Ali 2 know if that decision could b regarded legit and i had it a draw .
Ali got n enhanced break after Henry Cooper knocked him down in which he was received smelling salts illegally and d cause 2d break itself was illegal , it was Dundee whom made sure Ali's glove was either initially torn and then expanded d tear so he could have n excuse 2 give his fighter extra time 2 recover . I don't acknowledge winning due 2 cuts anyway .
Your post is full of mistakes , either deliberate or not and claiming that your motive is d care 4 d beginners' education doesn't take anything from this fact .
My recommendation both 4u and 4 d beginners is 2 read this thread :
and 2 keep any reservations against my arguments in that thread 2 keep it organized and not distract other threads .
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