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Default Re: Klitschko - Tyson

Originally Posted by bigjake View Post
ali was a hype job you say,i think you just don't like the man.hes 1 of the top 3 fighters of all time live with it.....
What a ridiculous comment .
Originally Posted by sinol View Post
...................but nailing the body he would
He might have tried , and paid d price by taking shots 2 his own head .
Originally Posted by fists of fury View Post
The height difference doesn't seem as great in the above picture. Tyson could definitely reach that chin.

If Vitali beat Mike, it's because he's a better fighter, not because he's bigger.

If the 'size uber alles' argument is taken to it's logical conclusion, Valuev should by rights be the best heavyweight in the world.
No way Vitali is better than Tyson , but he would have been 2 tall and unreachable 4 tyson who wears high heels in that pic . Valuev was definitely 1 of d least beatable heavyweights in history , even if not 1 of d best on a p4p sense . That being said it is hard 2 know how a 6'5" Valuev would have performed .
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