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Default Re: New bettors (Vcash virgins) - report here! Tutorial within.

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
DQ: yes, they go down as wins/losses so they operate under the same rules as stoppages. If it's before the given cutoff time for the over/under, then the under wins. If it's after, the over wins. So a disqualification at 1:00 of the 10th round would be Under 9.5 rounds, while a disqualification at 2:30 of the 10th round would be Over 9.5 rounds.

NC/ND: nope. If there is no conclusive result (with one party winning by UD/MD/SD/TD/KO/TKO/RTD/DQ, or the two arriving at a draw/technical draw) the event is a push and all funds are returned.
thank u . u even answered my ensued q about TD .
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