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Default Re: Chan-Hee Park vs Pone Kingpech

Park is so much more diverse offensively. There's no doubt an on-song Park could really hurt Pone. But the dimensions are different here, while not particularly great at it, Pone has the range whereas Canto didn't. If Park tries to bait counters and unleash his accurate shots then he might just find his head movement all based on not getting hit by the jab. Kingpetch could stifle him.

But then the Thai could fall in, could be hit (especially with the right hand) and could be forced out of a fight. You'd wantthe resilient Pone of Harada II IMO, to lay it on Park between 10-15. Then we'd see if he'd wilt when he was fully focused as well.

Then again, Kingpetch couldn't hit for **** Slashing, damage inducing shots but no power. Hence why his right uppercut was incorporated so well I guess, he maximise what he had.

I'm read conflicting reports on his schooling, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't a convert (same as Chionoi)
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