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Default Re: 2 part question...

HW : 2 tough 4 me 2 decide between Sanders , Byrd and Ibragimov , going by my HW list it's superficially Byrd .
as a switch hitter is it Arnold Cream ?
CW : Johnny Nelson / Wayne Braithwaite / Juan Carlos Gomez / Vassily Jirov
LHW : Michael Moorer but Tarver and Dawson (someday) may deserve a mention
SMW : I thought that Joe Calzaghe inevitably until i recalled 1 Michael Nunn .
MW : Marvin Hagler ? if it isn't him then it must b Reggie Johnson ?
______ Marvin was a switch hitter , wasn't he ? Kelly Pavlik deserves a mention as a 2nd place / replacement 4d switch hitter .

LMW : Ronald Wright
WW : as a switch hitter : Cotto (?) / De La Hoya (?) as a left handed : Pacquiao (?)
LWW : Pacquiao
LW : Jose Luis Ramirez and then Orzubek Nazarov
SFW : Manny Pacquiao
FW : Naseem Hamed

superfly : Khaosai Galaxy / Mark Johnson
fly : Mark Johnson
lightfly : Ivan Calderon
minimum : Ivan Calderon

I will save time by currently leaving u with this hard worked post .

remind me 2 edit and delete my post if it turns out 2b 2 wrong .

now i noticed u wanted a global p4p lefty whom managed 2 get a hold of some trinket . hard 4 me 2 decide really , in d end i believe that Chris Byrd Reggie Johnson deserve it at least as much as Hagler does if Hagler is considered a lefty at all .
If forced then my pick would b Chris Byrd @ this moment .
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