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Default Re: Intense Training Log

Right dudes:

Wednesday -

Morning Session:

Jog 0.25mile to park
Flat sprints of varying distance
0.25mile jog and stretch off

I didn't keep track of the exact sets/amounts of sprints, but it was a pretty good workout.

Night Session:

Got to gym early and did 15min warmup on cross trainer

Main session -

Jogging around the car park
Shaddow Boxing; 3x2 minutes, 30 seconds rest
Technical pad work; not sure how many rounds, around 4-5x2 minutes, 30 seconds rest
Circuits; full of painful exercises again
Stretch off.

Macros for the day: 147g Protein - 346g Carbs - 79g Fat
Total Kcal: 2683

Thursday -

Morning Session:

Squats 3x8
Bench 4x5
Power Shrugs 3x6
Dips 3xFailure
Ab routine

Mid-Afternoon Session:

Tuck Jumps 4x8
Lateral Cone Jump 4x10
Rhythmic Lunge Jump 4x10 (5 per leg)
Double Legs Bounding 4x25 Yards

Did some shaddow boxing too since it was nice outside.

Night Session:

2.35mile run; average 9mph.

Macros for the day: 151g Protein - 345g Carbs - 78g fat
Total Kcal: 2686
Today -

Morning Session:

Jog approx 0.25 miles to steps.

Up and down the steps (8 blocks of steps) x5, no rest.

'Step sprints' x3, 30 seconds rest after each 'set'.

Hill sprints x6; 5 on a lesser incline, 1 on a pretty big incline, high effort. I was initially planning on doing 8, but I felt a twinge in my hamstring after the first sprint up the big incline and didn't fancy risking it.

Jog around 0.25 miles home and stretch off.

Night Session:

Got to gym early, did 10 minutes on the cross trainer to get a sweat on.

Session -

Jogging & stretching
Shaddow boxing; 3x2 30 seconds rest
Bag work; around 7x2 minute rounds 30 seconds rest
Skipping; 5 minutes with sprint intervals
Circuits; lots of burpees and press ups...ugh.
Stretch off and walk home to cool down.

Macros for the day:
153g Protein - 329g Carbs - 81g Fat
Total Kcal: 2657

Anything else that people would like me to include in this thread?

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