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Default Re: Training overhaul

Getting into the gymnastic rings stuff-absolutely ****ing brutal!

Takes care of almost everything-athleticism, strength, endurance...controlling your own bodyweight in disadvantaged positions is exhausting and gives a wicked workout but can maybe be a bit taxing on the joints, ligaments etc until you get used to it.

Once a week I make sure that i get some brute strength work in: 190 kg single deadlifts and some heavy clean and presses (DB 48kg). Also, I've duct-taped some discs onto my 20 kg KB (they're so ****ing pricey, I'm not buying anymore)for doing some complexes.

Most importantly, 9 hours of lazy****ing sleep has meant that I recover without a problem and has undoubtedly aided massively in fat loss. Never paid much attention to rest in the past, tbh and I think this was a massive mistake.

Plus, daily mountain biking as always...usually 45 minutes to give the mutts a good run out
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