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Default Re: Anyone know about Polish heavy Artur Szpilka?

Originally Posted by lzolnier View Post
People who know him describe him as a really honorable person, who is just rough around the edges and has a major temper. As far as mistakes in the ring go, he is so early in his career that this is expected at this point. His next fight, he's coming off some major arm surgery so we'll see if that affects his power output.
Well looks like the surgery didn't affect him much, and he did just fine. And honestly I can picture him being an honorable person, ala never leaving a brother behind type of thing.

A very nice KO victory, once again demonstrating some good power.

I was watching Adamek fighting Aguilera tonight, and thinking what if Szpilka was fighting Agulera instead... Can't help to think Szpilka would have dispatched him.

I don't like his past, but at the same admission, he seems to be very focused and dedicated now and hopefully leaving his hooligan past behind him and smartening up. I definitely pull for him.

There is really only one Polish fighter I don't pull for and that is Kostecki, can't stand that criminal piece of ****. But he will continue to succeed as long as Wojak keeps supplying him with bums to beat on.
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