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Default Re: Quick 3 Question Ring Mag Quiz

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
Reading this months Ring, over breakfast this morning, I saw a quick quiz ,only 3 questions.

1.Apart from Marciano, who was the second to do so , who was the other, and first, heavyweight champion to retire undefeated? No problems with that one.

2. Which great fighter collapsed and died while refereeing a bout in St Nicks. NY. 1947? Again no probs

3. Muhammad Ali fought 8 men more than once, who are they? This had me stumped for a couple of minutes.

Do you know the answers?
1. Jim jeffries..he did retire ..but of course came back to be beaten. 2. Benny Leonard 3. Liston, patterson, Chuvalo, Cooper, Quarry, Norton, Bugner,Spinks
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