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Default Re: The Official "Fire Jim Watt" Thread

I'm not usually one to overreact and criticise commentators, it's really not my bag to get into this type of stuff. I think Watt gets a lot of unfair flack at times and overall he's actually one of the better commentators/pundits at sky. Nelson is a lot worse than him for example. But Watt was absolutely AWFUL in the Kirkland/Molina fight. I'm talking just absolutely atrocious and painful to listen to.

For me he doesn't understand/appreciate anything that happens anywhere near mid to short range. He wants everything clear and at a range he wants to see. He didn't appreciate what Molina was doing to someone of the style of Kirkland. Molina was doing everything one needs to do to someone like Kirkland. He was getting off first. He was circling well away from the power shots, and smothering Kirkland on the inside by tying him up. Not letting him get into his rhythm and breaking his momentum. He fought a smart, savy fight.

I could understand how people could get annoyed if all Molina was doing was clinching. But the guy was putting on a clinic and winning almost every round big. Kirkland looked clueless and allowed himself to get tied up. He had no understanding of range, distance, setting his punches up and spacing. That's his problem.

Watt didn't do his research on Molina. He was expecting a sacrificial lamb. And just wanted to see a tear up.

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